Beautiful things often come from traumatic beginnings...

Hi, my name is Ambee Stephens, founder of EmpowHERment. When my dad died in 2017, my biggest hiccup was that I felt like I didn't have enough girl friends in one divine circle to help me get through the grieving process. Yes, I had friends, my boyfriend, family, and coworkers. But what I really needed is one solid circle of woman who could help me RISE. 

After a several months of grieving, I decided to fulfill one of my divine missions: to start EmpowHERment, the very group that I needed. Our community began on social media; just sisters supporting sisters. After one in-person meeting in the Tampa Bay area, I knew our meetings should continue on a monthly basis. There's something magical about feminine power. 

Founding EmpowHERment has been incredibly fulfilling. During out meetings, we laugh, cry, empower, learn, try new things, prosper, network...But most importantly, WE GROW! 

If you're stuck, unfulfilled, uninspired, looking for a way to give back to your community, or hey, maybe you just need a group of motivated, friendly, honest women to welcome you into their arms - come meet us.

We hold regular monthly meetings, in addition to additional community events and pow-wows. Check our Events page for a full list! I sincerely hope we will meet soon.

With love,

Ambee Stephens