Ambee Stephens

EmpowHERment Founder + PartnHER

Ambee Stephens, 23, was born and raised in the Tampa Bay Area (but wishes she traveled more as a child). Ambee is currently a domestic violence advocate for a non-profit organization in St. Petersburg. She founded EmpowHERment because she wants to do more for her local community while building a network of like-minded women. She spends most of her time blogging , watching movies with her partner, exploring new restaurants, spending time with my family and friends, and traveling!


Gina Bernadi

EmpowHERment PartnHER

Gina, 27, was born and raised in Clearwater. She is currently an Office Manager for a general contractor, but her passion lies in the advocacy for cystic fibrosis and childhood cancer. She holds a BA in Psychology from USFSP. She loves cooking and reading. Having met so many women with incredible dreams and visions, but who don't have the support or confidenc to turn these ideas into reality, is a huge reason she is part of EmpowHERment. When you bring a group of powerful and determined women together, not only can we reach our goals, but we can change the world.


Vanessa Gillette

Communications Manager

Vanessa, 26, is a native to St. Petersburg, Florida. Her background is in customer service, and is currently working as a freelance writer. She is pursuing her BA in English Writing Studies from USFSP with the goal of being a travel writer. She's the over-achiever type, so mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation are critical to her. Vanessa is an avid reader, animal rescuer, traveler, and weightlifter. Life is not a single-player game and it takes a network of people to achieve your dreams, so EmpowHERment is her passion project.